Els Emonds: Bass


Joeri Warmerdam: Drums


Willy van der Kaa: Vocals


Luc de Warem: Guitar


A few years ago, in 2011 to be exact, a few like-minded brothers of metal decided to start a new project.
The foursome was carefully selected out of meticulously chosen musicians. Eventually it would result in a unique combination of members with their own musical background, of different ages, originating from the Netherlands and Belgium, three men and one woman, united by their passion for music.


The goal was clear from the get-go. It is time to make music based on past values, but with a new fresh angle and a whirlwind of chopping rhythms, pounding bass, flashing solos, big riffs and high-pitched vocals. It is time for System Overthrow.


In 2013, System Overthrow released their self-produced Promo CD “System Overthrow” featuring 3 tracks. 


In August 2015 System Overthrow released their first full-length debut “System Overthrow”. The album is self-produced and contains 8 tracks in the spirit of the good old metal days.


So clench your fist, bang your head and enjoy!